Become a GNOME Ambassador

Become a GNOME Ambassador!

The GNOME Marketing team is pleased to announce the creation of the GNOME Press Team . The Press Team is a subset of the Marketing team, with a focus on tracking GNOME events worldwide, and communicating and engaging with journalists all over the world to help spread GNOME news.

The Press Team is responsible for tracking GNOME events and updating the GNOME calendar, helping write press releases, talking points, and press kits and sending them to press contacts in as many languages as possible, and helping coordinate interviews with GNOME volunteers and journalists.

For more information, please visit the GNOME Press Team’s homepage on the GNOME Wiki or join the mailing list .

You can find upcoming GNOME Events on the GNOME wiki or the GNOME Community calendar .

Short term we have a lot of things we want to accomplish from creating a GNOME Press Kit for the 2.28 release to just keeping up with all the events. Longer term there are lots of ideas, including creating a social news website and more.

Help out and spread the word about GNOME!

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