Fringe is my new favorite TV show of the season, with Life on Mars being a close second. Fringe, created by JJ Abrams of Alias, Lost and Cloverfield fame, is to me, the X-Files meets Lost. (Which probably explains why I love it so much).

Fringe is roughly half way through it’s first season, and most of the episodes have been standalone and self contained to introduce the new viewer to the characters and over arching storyline. Now it’s just starting to get good, as the over arching storyline is coming into focus, and we’re getting hints of what’s to come. And of course it left us for the next month on a big cliffhanger!

One of the many mysteries we’ve been introduced to, in addition to “The Pattern”, is a gentleman called “The Observer” whom we met in one episode. Now Fox has released on their YouTube channel clips of all the easter eggs of every episode on where The Observer is hidden, and I know I missed picking him out in most of them.

Fringe Television has edited all the clips together :

If you’re not watching Fringe, you should be. And how can you not love the fact they tell you before each commercial break when the show is coming back (60 or 90 seconds). Great for DVR users!

( Via Fringe Television )

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