It’s been way too long since we had a formalized bug hunt week for Foresight.

Worry no more, it’s next week! Starting next Sunday, August 31, through Saturday, September 6th we will be hunting down bugs, tasks and improvements to make Foresight better.

Here are some current statistics from JIRA, Foresight’s issue tracker:

  • Total issues in Foresight: 1,644
  • Open issues: 597 (36%)
  • In progress: 19 (1%)
  • Resolved: 578 (35%)
  • Closed: 322 (20%)
  • Needs QA: 106 (6%)

Open Issues (By Priority)

  • Blocker: 2
  • Critical: 22 [3%]
  • Major: 66 [10%]
  • Normal: 505 [76%]
  • Minor: 57 [9%]
  • Trivial: 9 [1%]

57% of all open issues are assigned to Distro – which means they haven’t been triaged or assigned yet!

The goal of bug hunt is threefold:

  1. Verify the issue. Test it out. Does it exist? Can you confirm it? If so, then we need to get it assigned.
  2. Fix the bugs! Though Ken and doniphon might be the largest contributors to Foresight, they are willing to help out and teach as well. There are a lot of things a new contributor can do – update packages, write patches to fix bugs, test out patches from upstream to see if it fixes the issue (and check with upstream to see if other users of other distros have filed a similar bug report).
  3. Think like an end user. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you use Foresight every day and get used to it’s quirks. But if you were a new user, whether it’s new to Linux or new to Foresight, what isn’t working, and should be? The goal of hunting down and fixing bugs is to make the best distribution we can.

The bug hunt will fall over a holiday weekend for our USA users. This is both good and bad – maybe you have some extra time available on the holiday to help out. The bug hunt will run all week though – if you need more information, please ping me. We will be hanging out in #foresight-qa on Freenode IRC. More information is available on the wiki, including who’s willing to help, and how to use JIRA.