Welcome new Foresight members

In last week’s Focus meeting, the Focus council approved three new members to Foresight:

I’d like to welcome them as official members to the community, and add a few words:

  • Jordan is a relatively new user to Foresight, and has been involved with packaging. In addition to Eric Lake, Jordan has also participated in Foresight advocacy with his local LUG in Kentucky.
  • Lance Haig, a Bongo developer, got his start with Conary as the owner of the Bongo appliance on rBuilder . Lance has contributed packages to Foresight, notably virt-manager, a GUI for managing virtual machines with KVM.
  • Tomas aka Zinden, has been an active member of Foresight’s community in IRC and the forums, and has been an active advocate of Foresight in Sweden in helping Foresight gain new users, helping those users and managing a Swedish Foresight website.

What does it take to become an official Foresight member? Visit the wiki page for more, but we’re looking for contributors who have sustained participation within Foresight for a few months, whether it’s packaging, documentation, marketing or more. Benefits include a customized hostmask on Freenode IRC, @foresightlinux.org email address, and having your blog syndicated on Planet Foresight . But best of all, it’s about the recognition of having helped Foresight and it’s community.

Think you have what it takes? Apply here , and make sure your personal wiki page on the Foresight wiki is updated with a list of your contributions and what you would like to accomplish in the future.

Once you’re a member, you can apply to be a developer , and eventually gain commit access to the Foresight repositories.

Paul Cutler
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