Banshee 0.98.2 is out! Read the release notes, and check out Planet Banshee for the developer’s comments on the new functionality.

What’s new? VIDEO. Yup, you read that right. Your favorite audio manager is now a full fledged media manager.

I’ve been using the Banshee Preview for a few weeks, and this latest release for almost a week, and it works great. Import your music or video, and watch it right in Banshee. And if you’re listening to music, click the Now Playing button for some great visualizations.

A big shout out to Will Farrington for writing the recipe, which I committed last night to the Foresight repositories. Search for banshee-1 in PackageKit, or install via sudo conary update banshee-1=@fl:2-qa Enjoy!

(And thanks to the Banshee devs for giving me credit for helping write the release notes, but I really didn’t deserve it. I started ’em with a copy / paste of 0.98.1, and some other minor edits, but didn’t get a chance to really finish it). Gotta love the Foresight mention right in the release notes though!