Lots of stuff going on:

  • Alpha 4 was released! Tons of bug fixes, OOo is back in, and still lots to do. Read the release notes.
  • Work is flying on the new website. SpecialKevin and Etank have done a ton of work, Stefw is helping with content, and Nixternal wrote some great Javascript menus.
  • Do you know CSS, HTML and PHP? Help us theme our Planet, a WordPress theme, or our new forums that will be launching soon using the new website’s CSS. Sign up on our marketing list and lend a hand.
  • The second revision to the Foresight User Guide is about half done, and I hope to have it finished this week. Writing it in docbook, and then I plan on porting it back to the wiki. Want to help? Join the docs team.
  • Dateline Fosdem: Ken VanDine, doniphon, Mark__T and more met up this past weekend. I hope they blog about it, sounds like they had a great time.
  • Do you create packages on rBuilder and commit to your own repository for use on Foresight or directly to the Foresight repo? Use your GPG key to sign your packages.
  • Congratulations to Eric Lake, Mark Trompell and Will Farrington approved as Foresight developers; and Matthew West as a Foresight member, who were all approved at last week’s Focus meeting.

More to come soon, and maybe even a really big announcement sometime in March.