Experimental Support for Compiz-Fusion

It’s hard to tell from the following screenshot (unless you click through to the 1920×1200 version on Flickr), but yes, that’s experimental (note the key word, experimental) support for Compiz-Fusion on Foresight Linux 1.4.1. This includes a majority of the plugins, the Compiz-Fusion icon on the panel, and the Emerald theme manager among other things.

It seems flawless on my Nvidia card running the propietary drivers so far. ATI users using the Radeon driver have had a couple issues.

It’s been fun playing with it, I forgot how much stuff Beryl (and now Compiz-Fusion) has over just the vanilla Compiz.

A huge shout out to pscott for packaging this.

It’s not recommended for normal users (yet).


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