GNOME 2.20 and Foresight 1.4 Released

GNOME 2.20 is out and that means a formal release of Foresight Linux, 1.4, is out to go with it!

Why do I say “formal release of Foresight Linux”? Because of Conary, Foresight does rolling releases – whenever a package has a major update, you’ll get it right away, so you always have the latest bug fixes of your favorite software.

Here are the GNOME 2.20 Release Notes, Foresight 1.4 release announcement and release notes, and because it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the release notes done by our resident pirates.

And of course, the best place to get the latest GNOME is Foresight Linux – download today.

Congrats to the team for another great release, and here’s to 2.0 in the near future!

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