I received an email from Phil Dibowitz two days ago regarding his work on trying to get the Harmony 880 remote working on Linux. He had seen a blog post from late last year where I had added on to Aaron Bockover’s bounty to get Harmony support working.

Ironically enough after responding to his email, I went through my morning routine of checking the news on the ‘net while I ate breakfast, and saw the same story on Digg (linking here), and now a few hours later, Phoronix has picked up the story as well.

I would like to post one correction to the stories I’m seeing: this was originally Aaron Bockover’s idea. Aaron is a Linux developer and maintainer of Banshee, everyone’s favorite music manager for the GNOME desktop.

I’m excited to see all the interest in getting Harmony remotes working on Linux, and take Phil’s advice: give Logitech constructive feedback that we want to see support on Linux.