Banshee plugin for X-Chat-GNOME

Will Farrington has created a wonderful plugin that controls Banshee from within X-Chat-GNOME. And thanks to Ken for packaging it so quickly.

It looks and sounds so simple, but it’s fun to play with. I absolutely love Banshee (and am so excited about all the Banshee news this week ), and I spen a lot of time in IRC. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate, they just go together.

If you’re running Foresight, just do the following:

sudo conary update xchat-gnome=@fl:1-devel banshee-xchat=@fl:1-devel

I’m running a normal version of Foresight Linux (not the development version), but installing X-Chat GNOME out of 1-Devel hasn’t led to any issues.

Screenshot (Click through to see full size on Flickr):


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