Barcamp Chicago

I made it to Barcamp Chicago successfully, Kevin and Ken were waiting at the terminal. Took the train to the hotel, unpacked, and took the train to Barcamp, and here we are!

The location itself is pretty cool – 3rd floor office loft, with lots of space. We’re currently hanging around the area that will be used later for the Installfest, and presentations are already going on. The formal presentation room is curtained off, with tons of chairs, that I doubt will be enough.

We walked in and setup, and shortly after a couple Google guys showed up with tons of snacks and even more beer to add to the existing 2 kegs – nothing like helping out hauling all that stuff up 3 flights of stairs!

I’ve started a set on Flickr of the photos I’m taking here at Barcamp. I’ll also be using Twitter for small updates, in addition to live blogging, so it can be just like you’re here!

The Foresight, Conary and GNOME usergroup meetings are all tomorrow afternoon, so we have some time to setup, kick back and meet some folks.

Here’s a picture of Ken working on the Installfest PXE Server, enjoy:


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