Foresight Linux 1.2 Released

Foresight Linux 1.2 has been released, day and date with GNOME 2.18.1 !

Foresight Linux 1.2 builds on the success of last month’s 1.1 release, and features a new default GDM theme, updated hardware support, and a fix for importing photos.

Foresight Linux is an innovative, stable distribution with default applications such as Banshee for music, F-Spot for photo management, Epiphany web browser, and Brasero for burning music and data discs. Foresight also comes with Compiz enabled (depending on your video card), and propietary codecs installed including MP3 and DVDs.

Foresight has a beautiful green theme and features Conary, a next generation packaging tool, to manage your software and software updates.

Visit the download page to download Live Media, including LiveCDs, VMWare images and more to test out Foresight, or download the installation discs on one DVD or two CDs.

View the release notes or the downloads page. Give Foresight a try – in the 2 months I’ve been using it, I can speak very highly enough of the packaging, the distribution and the community.

A big shout out to the developers for another timely, and stable, release.

Paul Cutler
Father. Husband. Vinyl Music Lover. Football fan. Python student. He / him.