I love the inter-webnet thing. Ok, seriously, I do.

I love Web 2.0. The applications that are being built are making my life easier.

Over on the right of this blog, I’ve had my del.icio.us bookmarks listed for sometime. As I’ve come across a new link I find interesting, I use the del.icio.us Firefox plugin to capture it. You can see the links on the right or just visit my del.icio.us userpage and see all my links.

I only use my Firefox bookmarks for stuff I visit everyday. The good news is that del.icio.us’ importer is finally working, so last night I imported all my Firefox bookmarks in to it, and can use del.icio.us to manage all my bookmarks. I have to make them visible, check their tags and sort them, and I’ll be good to go.

The other thing I did this week was something I should have done a long time ago. I forwarded my two @silwenae.com email address to my Gmail account. Gmail’s spam filters are just so superior to anything else I’ve tried, that no spam gets through. I created my labels (which I still think of as tags) in Gmail, set up my filters, and away we go.

I subscribe to a lot of different mailing lists – (Twin Cities Linux User Group, Pho, and Banshee to name just a few. Gmail is the best at viewing mailing lists. The way it shows threads is superior to anything I’ve seen in Outlook, Thunderbird or Evolution.

And I can access it all from my mobile phone. (Not that I ever really need to, but still). And I’m looking forward to adding my picture / avatar for Gmail & Google Talk. (Now if I could just get my friends to drop MSN Messenger for Gtalk, I’d be set!)