In's & Out's of 1080p HDTV

Team Xbox has an excellent story going through the details of 1080p HDTV vs. 720p and 1080i. Easy to read, it goes through all the technical information you need to know about the next generation HDTVs coming to market, and how Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will play with them.

The last two pages go through TV recommendations, and while I disagree with the writer that DLP is the best way to go, it’s an informative read on the best DLP TVs on the market. Like the writer, I’ve heard excellent things about the DLPs from Hewlett-Packard – who would have thought a PC maker could make an excellent HDTV?

The writer takes a shot at Sony’s SXRD towards the end, and seems unaware of Sony’s public announcement that their 2nd generation SXRD coming this fall will be 1080p compatible. The fall timeline gives me heartburn – even with the basement flooding putting my basement behind schedule, the SXRD is what I want, and I’ll be ready in June. Sony’s SXRD is a LCoS technology, which is a step ahead of DLP, with better blacks and a better picture.

Paul Cutler
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