I Steal Television Because I Have To

I came across this blog post about stealing TV a few days ago: I Steal Television Because I Have To .

The author is spot on – it’s not about theft, it’s about control. And sometimes recording TV something happens you couldn’t control, and you have no way to get the show you wanted to watch. A week ago Tuesday, my Season Pass on my TiVo for The Unit didn’t work. No idea why – no idea what channel it was trying to record, but it recorded a blank screen for an hour.

So I went and got the torrent.

The TV industry needs to wake up – and some are. ABC’s announcment this week that they’ll be releasing TV shows the day after – with non-skippable commercials – is a step. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, especially with TV-like content developed and delivered over the internet and not over the air.

Paul Cutler
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