Ubuntu Fun

As I mentioned in my last post, screwing around with my Ubuntu repositories has messed some stuff up on my system. Most of my Mono apps no longer work, with the exception of Tomboy.

This past Sunday, I was modding another Xbox, and unzipping ROM files like a madman, when I ran out of disk space. 60 gigs goes fast, especially with all the music and photos on this machine, as well as a few games.

I have a 20 gig installed as a secondary drive, where I keep a development version of Ubuntu running. I haven’t booted in to that drive a while.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to contribute something to Ubuntu this year. Whether it’s writing documentation, bug hunting, or on the wiki, I need to do something. (God knows I can’t right code). More on that in another post.

How do these all tie together? Today I began the process of backing up my stuff on this machine, and I’m going to swap out hard drives and reinstall. I debated about just throwing in an extra hard drive replacing the 20 gig to fix my space problem and mounting that, but I discarded that option. I’m going to get a 120 gig drive as my main hard drive to run Ubuntu 5.10 as my stable operating system, and make the 60 gig drive run the latest development version of Ubuntu, Dapper Drake .

So tonight I’ll swap out my CDRW for a DVDRW, remove and add a hard drive, and re-install Ubuntu a couple of times.


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