I’m up and running on a clean install of Ubuntu 5.10. Everything went smooth, swapped the hard drives out, re-installed from scratch, wiping my hard drives clean.

One of the cooler things I found during the re-install, was Automatix and Easy Ubuntu. Both are illegal in the United States, specifically for the codec support they install (DVD, MP3, etc).

Basically, they do the same thing, though Automatix is more complete. They provide a script to install everything a default Ubuntu installation didn’t – support for MP3, DVD, plugins like Flash and Java for Firefox, missing applications like dvd::rip, windows codecs, multimedia players such as mplayer, etc. All automagically by updating your sources.list file for you and just runnign the script. Automatix lets you pick and choose, and then just installs the stuff. Very cool that the user community have started these projects.

I’m going to wait on installing Dapper Drake Flight 3 on the second hard drive. Instead, I downloaded Edubuntu, and am going to install that first. With three kids under the age of 10, I’ve always wanted to start them on Linux. My 10 year old son no longer really plays games – he plays a ton of flash games on the net from Lego, Yahooligans, etc. Edubuntu may be a great alternative, but I will need to find a new wireless card. So we’ll install that and take a look-see.