A few new releases came out this week I just had to pickup:

I enjoyed Fiona’s first release, what, 10 years ago? Her second was good, but not as good. I’m looking forward to this after all the press about Fiona over the last two years. (Free Fiona!)

I’m a huge Liz Phair – have been since Exile in Guyville and have bought everything she’s done. 2003’s self-titled album was a bit of a shock as she transitioned to pop, and Somebody’s Miracle is in the same vein. Listened to the album almost twice now, and while her last album had 3 or 4 songs that popped at me right away, so far the new one only has one, which is her current release, Everything to Me, which is catchy as hell.

Public Enemy’s newest album in quite some time, New Whirl Order, was another must have. Other than the Beastie Boys, they’re the only rap group I’ve ever really, really gotten in to. I picked up their greatest hits disc a month or so back, and that was phenomenal. I’m looking forward to New Whirl Order.