I recently received a Buffalo 600gig Terrastation to test from work.

I’ve been looking for a NAS / SAN storage solution for a while, but most USB NAS solutions I’ve looked at don’t support Linux. The Terrastation is a work of art. Full support for every OS, including Windows, Mac & Linux, easy setup, multiple RAID options, and a very easy setup.

It has default Samba settings, and in Windows shows up as a network share, unlike SAN’s which will show up as a drive letter. (Mirra only supports backing up from a drive letter, but oh well, wasn’t happy with Mirra as it was a Windows only solution).

It’s pretty slick – a very basic setup from Windows, but like routers on the market today, a full-fledged web page for setting it up on the box itself. It’s basically a Linux box, running off a PPC processor. Full support for users and groups, Raid 0, 1 and 5 (5 default out of the box!), FTP access, drive spanning and user secured shares.

I’ve had it about two weeks, and lo and behold, I see on Planet Gnome this morning, a Gnome developer blogged his experiences with it , including hacking at it. He has the upgrade from mine, the 1 Terrabyte (I have the 600 gig), and points to a nice hacker’s Wiki at terastation.org all about adding customized firmware to the Terrastation, including SSH and NFS support. I’m looking forward to getting SSH up so I can use SCP as well.

Overall, the machine is pretty cool. Pretty quiet, but 4 drives and their vibrations make some noise, and the lights on the front, including 4 seperate places for each drive to show status is very cool.

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