New printer

On the advice of two cow-orkers, who coincidentally had the same printer, I purchased a Canon PIXMA iP6000D today. (Canon has a crappy website, btw).

I, however, forgot to see if it has Linux drivers available. (It doesn’t).

It’s for the wife more than me, as she needed a color printer, and the sample 4×6 photo I saw at the office was good. I’ve printed out 8-10 4×6 photo’s after hooking it up, and it’s phenomenal. It’s amazing how far the technology has come. I printed off a bunch to hang in my cube at work. I’m quite interested in seeing how an 8×10 looks.

I’ve hooked it up to Kelly’s computer, and shared it over the network so I could print from my MCPC. I have a wireless Netgear print server around here somewhere, I’ll have to give that a go.

I’m annoyed about the Linux thing though. Now I have to transfer my pictures from my main box to my MCPC to print. But the printer does have a 7-in-1 card reader, so I can always just stick the memory card in if I want, though it looks like I’d have to press a bunch of buttons on the printer which doesn’t look the most user friendly way to do it. Ah well.

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