Blog Fixed & Flickr Update

Seems since I did the security update late last week, that one of the fixes changed the permissions on the file that controls the comments, so it errored out and wasn’t accepting comments.

That’s now fixed. For the record, the error was:

Warning: comments_template (wp-content/themes/default/comments.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in (wp-includes/comment-functions.php on line 28)

According to the to the fix on the WordPress Codex it required adding a line to the style.css sheet of a theme so it looked like:

/*<br /> Template: mad1<br /> Theme Name: No Named Art Seed

However, that didn’t work for me.

SSH’ing in, and going to my wp-content directory and typing:

chmod -R 755 themes/ however did work. I don’t know if it’s a permission error on the comments file itself, or the directories, but comments are back.

In related news, I’ve come across some of last years digital photo’s and am in the process of uploading them to Flickr , including the ones from Packer Training Camp last year. So some of the timelines will be out of date for a few days, as I upload them and I’ll finish ’em off with this past weekends Fourth of July photo’s to back in to real-time.

My favorite Packer photo is Robert Ferguson making a spectacular one-handed catch at full extension in the air:


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