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Favorite Albums of 2012

With 2012 here and gone, I wanted to share my favorite albums of 2012. These aren’t necessarily the “best” albums of 2012, but these were the ones I enjoyed immensely over the past year. Almost every single one I bought on vinyl and streamed on Rdio . I tried to condense the list to a top 10, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m not going to do a major review of each one – there are plenty of sites out there from Paste to Pitchfork that can give you more information on the artists and albums below.

What I’m Listening to: New Music Releases 7/25

Welcome back! July 25th is a big day for new music. If you’re not reading the Largeheartedboy blog for new music releases, including where you can stream the new releases for free before buying (which usually comes out on Wednesdays), you should be. The list of today’s releases can be found here . Albums I’ve purchased this week include: Passion Pit’s Gossamer: If you’re a fan of the first album, you’ll love their second album.