I love Minnesota Music

As a transplant to Minnesota from Wisconsin, I’ve now spent over half my life here. I’m a cheesehead through and through, but if there is one thing that Minnesota has that Wisconsin has never had, it’s the music. The first album I ever bought was Prince’s Purple Rain and my first ever trip to Minnesota I actually met Prince, which is another story for a different time. A few years later I was living here and I won tickets on Rev105 to a local music showcase at First Avenue .

I Heard it on the Radio

[] I didn’t grow up in Minneapolis and missed out on the iconic radio station, WLOL. Jon Hunt reminisces about what made radio, and WLOL, great growing up for him as a kid. I share Mr. Hunt’s enthusiasm for radio. I remember as a kid in the 80s having my boombox reading for the nightly top 10 with my finger poised over the record button so I could get a new song onto a mixtape.