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Best Music of 2010

2010 has gone and now it’s time to share some of my favorite music of the year. Everyone has a top 10 list , so I thought I’d try something different. Well, that, and I can’t seem to whittle my list down to ten. 2010 was a great year for music. For the last few years music executives have been crying that the sky has falling as music sales decline. What they need to remember is that quality beats quantity – when they stop focusing on hit makers and on quality music and artists who will last, the sales will be there.

Vinyl (R)Evolution Music of the Week: June 29th

It’s hard to top the purchases I made last week, which included a used copy of Prince’s Purple Rain and the new albums by The Black Keys and Broken Bells, but this week saw a couple of good albums released. I received of Montreal’s 12″ single The Past is a Grotesque Animal, which may be the most beautiful album I’ve ever purchased. ( More on it here ). This was the only vinyl purchase of the week and I bought two digital albums.

of Montreal – The Past is a Grotesque Animal 12″

It’s quite fitting the day after I launched the blog that the most beautiful record I’ve purchased yet should be delivered. of Montreal has released a 12″ album on the Polyvinyl label of The Past is a Grotesque Animal , originally recorded for Spike Jonze’s I’M HERE. It comes on light blue vinyl with a hand screen printed design by Nina / Geminitactics. Polyvinyl is a small label out of Champaign, Illinois and features a number of indie artists that I’ve been lucky to hear on my local radio station, 89.