Ten Years of Giving to the EFF

This year marks ten years of charitable giving for me to the Electronic Frontier Foundation . The EFF is by far my favorite charity that we give to each year and I can’t stress enough how important the work they do is. A number of years ago my wife framed my letters and stickers I’ve received from my favorite non-profit organizations (pictured above) including the EFF , Creative Commons and Minnesota Public Radio .

Even Congress denied access to basic details of NSA spying

Via BoingBoing and The Guardian : GOP and Democratic Congressmen have been denied information from the House Intelligence Committee on details of NSA spying. When they ask for information on how the Committee voted, the Committee won’t tell them the details of the vote or how other House members voted. It is supposedly “classified”. These Congressmen are being asked to vote on continuing to fund NSA operations and can’t even get the information they need to make a vote based on the facts.

EFF: Why Metadata Matters

In response to the recent news reports about the National Security Agency’s surveillance program, President Barack Obama said today , “When it comes to telephone calls, nobody is listening to your telephone calls.” Instead, the government was just “sifting through this so-called metadata.” The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made a similar comment last night: “The program does not allow the Government to listen in on anyone’s phone calls. The information acquired does not include the content of any communications or the identity of any subscriber.