Best of Bootie

Best of Bootie 2013 Released!

Best of Bootie 2013 is out! And just in time for Christmas, too! Featuring 22 of the year’s best mashups from some of the best DJs currently in the business, Best of Bootie 2013 is available as one big MP3 file or 22 tracks in one convenient zip file . Curated by A Plus D, aka DJs Adrian & Mysterious D, founders of Bootie , they didn’t just stop with their 22 favorite mashups – there are also 10 bonus mashups available for download, too.

Best of Bootie 2010

Thanks to Glee, mainstream America was introduced to the term mashup in 2010. But to some of us, we’ve been listening to mashups for years. Bootie, started in 2003 by DJs Adrian and Mysterious D , hosts monthly dance parties featuring mashups. Starting in 2005, they started publishing the year’s best mashups on their website. I’m not into pop music and Bootie is what introduces me to what’s been popular in the past year.