Wikis as Websites

One of the latest trends in open-source development, is for the projects website to be created with MediaWiki. This article on Acts of Volition lists a couple others, as well as one of my current favorite pieces of software, Banshee, a music management and player for GNOME. (I’ve been meaning to blog about Banshee for well over a month). I still have to put a long term plan together on integrating silwenae .

Link O' the Day

Flock Review

Newsforge has a pretty good review of Flock up. I’ve downloaded the Linux client, and while stable, I haven’t really used enough of it to comment yet. It brings together a number of tools I use while browsing, including Flickr and blogging. Delicious bookmarks are definitely something I want to get into a lot more, especially since I share so many computers. If you’re into Web 2.0 / social networking / insert buzzword here, and want to see read a review of a browser for Web 2.

What's in a name?

I’ve received a number of questions over the years of where the name “Silwenae” came from. It was randomly generated in Everquest – the second name I chose within EQ. It was unique enough that I stuck with it, including registering 3 domains. (And for the record, it’s pronounced sill-win-ay). CmdrTaco, co-founder of []1, has written an op-ed piece on Slashdot on how Blizzard made him change his name due to the use of “Cmdr”, a title, in his World of Warcraft name, and how it’s affected him.


Spam Karma 2

I continue to be impressed with Spam Karma 2 for WordPress since I installed in a couple weeks ago. I was getting about 50 spam comments a day in the blog, and Spam Karma 2 has cut that down to nothing. Zero. Zilch. I think I’ve had to moderate 3 comments so far it wasn’t sure of (which were spam), but that’s nothing compared to the daily maintenance hell I used to go through in deleting comments.

Theme Upgraded

Drupal Woes

Over the last month or so since I migrated over to Site5 for hosting, and transferred the content to I’ve been working on the image module in Drupal as it stopped working during the site migration. I’ve been through the code, I’ve re-installed the module, and nothing has worked. I decided to tackle it this weekend, with mixed results. I upgraded’s Druapl installation from 4.5.5 to 4.

I hate Internet Explorer

Why, oh why, can Internet Explorer not conform to web standards? I threw up a placeholder on using Drupal, and put a transparent PNG as the header graphic. Looks awesome in Firefox, but IE you see the background. I hate IE. I don’t want to use a GIF due to patent issues, and JPEGs can’t handle transparency. Grr. 5.0 is up, and a history of it is coming soon.