Congratulations Wisconsin Men’s Basketball

Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin’s Men’s Basketball team on their victory over Arizona to win the West Regional bracket and advance to the Final Four. Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal has an excellent article on what this means for Coach Bo Ryan. The game was a nail biter, with the last 18 minutes of regulation being a one possession game before finally going into overtime and the Badgers pulling out a huge win.

Venn Breakfast Menu

This may be my favorite restaurant menu I’ve seen yet.   ( Via Boing Boing – photo by Cory Doctorow under a CC-BY-SA license )

21 Things The Simpsons Predicted

The Simpsons remains one of my all time favorite TV shows. Buzzfeed has put together a list of 21 things The Simpsons predicted would happen in the future – and bizarrely, did. From electronic voting machine irregularities to lemon trees being stolen, it’s worth a read. ( Via NextDraft )

Archer – Danger Zone

If you’re not watching Archer on FX , you should be. It’s one of my favorite shows and now they’ve re-created Top Gun as a teaser for the new season that starts in January. It’s on Netflix , go watch it now. [//www.youtube.com/embed/_7HkG6OSo3E]

Burning Down the House

I saw this posted on Boing Boing last month and forgot how great it was until Amanda Palmer linked to it in her latest Kickstarter update. I love how much fun Amanda Palmer and her band are having jamming with David Byrne – and it’s great to see him playing an old Talking Heads tune. Enjoy. [http://www.youtube.com/embed/sh5ZDv13_mM]