If Only I Could

If only I could buy season tickets and follow the process, including the step my wife added for me. Some day.

Congratulations Wisconsin Men’s Basketball

Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin’s Men’s Basketball team on their victory over Arizona to win the West Regional bracket and advance to the Final Four. Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal has an excellent article on what this means for Coach Bo Ryan. The game was a nail biter, with the last 18 minutes of regulation being a one possession game before finally going into overtime and the Badgers pulling out a huge win.

I have seen the future of TV

…and it is the ESPN app on the new Xbox 360 update that was released today . I’ve been in the beta for the new Xbox 360 dashboard for the last month or so, and with its release today, the embargo on blogging about it has been lifted. Since I cut the cord and got rid of cable TV last February , the one thing that has been missing is sports.

Packers vs. Bears (10/7/07)

I was at Lambeau Field this past Sunday to watch the Packers eventually beat themselves and lose to the Bears on national TV. Having grown up in Wisconsin, and now living in Minnesota, the residents of Minnesota think they have a rivalry with the Bears, but any true Packer fan will tell you the only rivalry we have is with the Bears. It was my first Bears game, and the normally nice crowd was just mean when it came to the Bears.

Go Pack Go!

My father and I were able to purchase season tickets again this year from a family member. I spent this past Sunday driving to and from Lambeau Field (about 4.5 – 5 hours each way) and it was definitely worth it. Prior to the game, there was a convention in Green Bay this past week hosting most living Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. Before the game, Brian Williams of NBC introduced, by war, those living Medal of Honor recipients who were able to attend the convention and game.

Where'd who go?

I haven’t blogged much in August, and here it is at month end already. Things should be settling down soon (I hope) leaving me more to blog and get back to work on Foresight. I had a couple trips in August, lots of stuff going on at work, and we’re looking at building a new house, so the month just flew by. The storm two days ago knocked my DirecTV dish out of alignment – not having TV for a week should free up some time.


I love this time of the year – I think I’ve watched a football game every day for the last 10 days. Even the first few bowl games with teams you’ve rarely heard of we’re quite good (and I’m still laughing at George O’Leary). I was ecstatic to see the Badgers win decisively in Coach Alvarez’s last game. I had been walking around the last few days convinced that what the analysts said was true – Auburn’s defense was going to rip in to Wisconsin, and the Badgers had little chance to win.

Good Sports Weekend

Badgers & Packers both win big this weekend. With the exception of 2 minutes in the 2nd half, the Badgers were dominating, even with 3 defensive starters out. Packers looked simply awesome (where have they been all year?!) – Grady Jackson was back stuffing the run and knocking down a pass, the secondary looked good, and the offense looked awesome. Go Go Javon and Ahman! Badgers are off this weekend, and the Packers are at the Redskins.

Badger vs UNLV Review – 9/11/04

The Wisconsin Badgers hosted John Robinson’s UNLV football team at Camp Randall yesterday. Looking at the history of these two teams, once again it was another strange game. Two years ago UNLV’s stadium suffered from power outages during the game, and last year UNLV stomped the Badgers 23-5 as the Badgers only scored on a field goal and a safety. Bob Davie, former Notre Dame coach, and current color commentator for ESPN was eerily prophetic when in the first quarter he references last year’s safety by Wisconsin as UNLV is once again preparing ot punt from within their 5.

Go Badgers!

Badgers looked good today in QB’s John Stocco’s debut. The ESPN crew touched on his story briefly: After passing Matt Schabert last year on the depth chart to #2 behind Jim Sorgi, John was a bit shy and uncomfortable replacing Matt, who was also his roommate. After being demoted to #3, Matt left Wisconsin for a Division I-AA school this year, where he could be the starting QB. Anthony Davis looked good, until getting hurt, again.