GNOME Developers – We need your help!

The Marketing Hackfest kicked off a few hours ago and we need your help.

As we build the marketing plan for the GNOME 3.0 release one of the focus areas we want to talk to users about is GNOME apps.

Do you work on a GNOME application and have some cool features planned?  Updated user interface?  Something cool to tell GNOME users that you’d like to see included in the the GNOME 3.0 marketing?  Tell us!  Leave a comment here, add to the Roadmap on the wiki or email the marketing list.

Being an avid reader of Planet GNOME I’ve heard about Tomboy Online (in Beta hopefully for 3.0), collaboration in gedit and more.  Now is a great time to let the Marketing team know with what’s going on with the apps you work on and where they’re going so we can include that information as we work on our marketing plans.

We need your help!  And thank you in advance.

  1. Well, there is lot going on in anjuta development currently and we try to make this a fantastic rapid application development platform for 3.0.

    These are the things definitly planned for 3.0
    * complete rewritten project-manager (yeah, not really user visible apart from being much faster and having all the feature that didn’t work correctly in the past)
    * git-shell: Will provide a completely new experience when working with git
    * language support for Vala and Python

    Actually I also plan to write a set of tutorial how to build GNOME application using anjuta and making it easier to connect Glade and Anjuta stuff but I can’t promise this will go into 3.0 though I hope it.

    So far – I really suck at blogging about these things currently, sorry…

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