the hold steady

I love Minnesota Music

As a transplant to Minnesota from Wisconsin, I’ve now spent over half my life here. I’m a cheesehead through and through, but if there is one thing that Minnesota has that Wisconsin has never had, it’s the music. The first album I ever bought was Prince’s Purple Rain and my first ever trip to Minnesota I actually met Prince, which is another story for a different time. A few years later I was living here and I won tickets on Rev105 to a local music showcase at First Avenue .


Here’s some music news from the last few months you may have missed while I was being a slacker and not blogging. You can download The Hold Steady’s January 31, 2011 show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in FLAC or MP3. In case you missed it, The Current launched a 24 hour local music station in April. All Minnesota artists, all the time – and it’s quite good!