Back to SQLite for NFLPool

I’ve had to throw in the towel on MongoDB and move back to SQLite for the datastore. For now. I was successful in being able to call an API, take the JSON object from the API, and store that JSON in MongoDB as a collection. But I what really wanted was to store that JSON object as an EmbeddedDocument within a collection. My original goal was to stick JSON objects into MongoDB and then query against that.

NFLPool Prototyping with MongoDB

Yesterday was a good day. With the static pages for complete, I started thinking about the dynamic pages. These are going to require access to the database and I’ll be using MongoDB. I had started the MongoDB course from Talk Python, but put that aside to go back to the Python for Entrepreneurs course to get the site up using Pyramid. I took a step back and did some brainstorming about the data model I’ll need for the database.

MongoDB for Python for Developers

I’m taking the latest training course that just launched a couple of weeks ago from Michael Kennedy at Talk Python: MongoDB for Python for Developers . This is my first exposure to NoSQL. Over the last year, I’ve searched Google a few different times trying to understand what NoSQL without any success – it always went over my head. Within ten minutes of starting this course, I think I might understand what a document database is.