A follow-up on GNOME 3 myths

Friday I wrote a blog post kicking off a wiki page on debunking GNOME 3 myths . The dozen or so comments left on that blog post highlight perfectly why we need a wiki page that debunks myths – and it’s a good place to start to add to the wiki page. (And refine it, I think some of the comments are valid). If you’re a GNOME developer, please give the GNOME 3 Myths page a look over and add any questions that you have been asked.

Debunking GNOME 3.0 Myths

Change is hard. People go through six predictable stages as they adjust to change, which I learned at a former company. From : People react, respond and adjust to change in a sequence of six predictable stages. The Change Cycle model identifies the thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with each stage of change. Loss Doubt Discomfort Discovery Understanding Integration With GNOME 3.0 coming out later this year, there is certain to be fear, uncertainty and doubt associated with the changes in GNOME’s user interface and applications.