One Year of Python

It was Black Friday of 2015. O’Reilly put on a sale of their programming ebooks and I was finally ready to take the plunge and learn Python. I bought three books: Learning Python 5th edition by Mark Lutz Python Pocket Reference by Mark Lutz Think Python 2nd edition by Allen B. Downey I then signed up for a Coursera class, Python for Everybody , taught by Dr.

Web Scraping and Python

I’m flying along in the Coursera course Python for Everybody , from the University of Michigan taught by Dr. Charles Severance . I’ve completed the first two of four courses which give you an introduction to Python. I’m now on the third course, Using Python to Access Web Data . This and the fourth course focused on databases, are the two key foundations for the web app I want to build.

Python for Everybody at Coursera with Dr. Chuck

tl;dr: I’m spending the time to learn Python primarily using the free course available at Coursera taught by Dr. Charles Severance of the University of Michigan and am really enjoying it. The good news: I’ve committed to my goal of learning Python and I’m sticking to it. The bad news: I haven’t been writing about my progress as much as I should be. Hey, learning this stuff is hard and takes time.