Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging

“Certified” to be frustration free. Especially when they tape over the easy open pull tab when you’re trying to get to your new shiny vinyl record. (It’s Volcano Choir’s first album, Unmap , if you were curious.)

Amazon Introduces AutoRip

Amazon made a splash this morning by announcing that they are now offering MP3s of albums you buy on CD – for free. But the even bigger surprise was that if you had purchased a CD from them going back to 1998(!), and it’s one of the 50,000 albums in their catalog that features AutoRip, they automatically added that album to your Amazon Cloud Player. It was quite a pleasant surprise to wake up to find about 30 albums added to my Cloud Player, especially the Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack, which features a number of different artists, which I could never seem to get ripped properly with the right artist names.

Keep On Rockin’ Me Baby

_Well, I`ve been looking real hard And I`m trying to find a job But it just keeps getting Tougher every day But I got to do my part Cause I know in my heart I got to please my Sweet baby, yeah Steve Miller I’ve been using Banshee for years now and I don’t know how I’d manage my (too) large music collection without it. The Banshee team released 1.7.5 on Tuesday.

Make a smart playlist to see your Amazon purchases in Banshee

Jorge Castro and I were talking this morning in #banshee as Jorge asked if it was possible to create a smart playlist to see your music purchases. And it is! Jorge’s idea was for the UbuntuOne music store from I don’t use Ubuntu, but I do buy (too many) songs from Amazon. Amazon adds a comment in the metadata of each song you buy, such as: Song ID: 216030141 (If you’re curious, it’s the song Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem that I bought this morning for only $5!