Congratulations Alex

I haven’t blogged in almost a year, so here’s a picture of Alex with Jack and Zoe. Alex graduated from boot camp in the United States Navy last week and is embarking on his new career as a nuclear engineer.

I love Minnesota Music

As a transplant to Minnesota from Wisconsin, I’ve now spent over half my life here. I’m a cheesehead through and through, but if there is one thing that Minnesota has that Wisconsin has never had, it’s the music. The first album I ever bought was Prince’s Purple Rain and my first ever trip to Minnesota I actually met Prince, which is another story for a different time. A few years later I was living here and I won tickets on Rev105 to a local music showcase at First Avenue .

Portal 2

Portal 2, a photo by pcutler on Flickr. Playing Portal 2 for the first time with Zoe.

Happy Earth Day

P4220002, originally uploaded by silwenae. Happy Earth Day!

More Jack

I uploaded some more pictures to Flickr I took with the kids when we went back to visit last night: Jack’s Birth Part 2

Happy Halloween!

DSC00287, originally uploaded by silwenae. Zoe really liked her costume, she went as a mouse this year. She and Alex, who went as a vampire, made sure to get lots of candy:

Updated Photos

I’ve grouped the last batch of photo’s updated to Flickr for easier viewing: Alex Baseball 05 Memorial Day ’05 The Memorial Day set has a bunch of pictures of Alex driving the tractor, and Zoe gardening.

The story of the horsey

100_0318, originally uploaded by silwenae. 10 years ago (doesn’t seem that long ago), I was working in Maryland, the first time I was in management. Our Video Supervisor, Dave, made me this horse as a present, it was a hobby of his, when Alex was born. Alex wasn’t a big rider, but Dave was one of the cooler guys I’ve worked with in all my time at retail. A bit older (especially older than me), he was one of the few that really made me feel welcome after we had moved cross country.

Zoe & The Flowers

DSC00040b, originally uploaded by silwenae. Kelly was out at the housing association, and Zoe wanted to look at the flowers. A stranger happened to be out there and asked to take Zoe’s picture as Zoe looked at the flowers. You can tell by the look on Zoe’s face she doesn’t know what to make of strangers.

Zoe Dances on the Deck

100_0294, originally uploaded by silwenae. Zoe has a new thing where she likes to go out on the deck and dance – she likes the sound her feet make on the wood. Beautiful weather yesterday, so we fired off some shots of Zoe dancing on the deck. I’ve got them on my Flickr site . You can see the whole Zoe set here . I also finally put up a few of Alex from his school’s Fiesta Night in Feb.