Too much fun

This was my friends and me Saturday night, from today’s xkcd :

Rock Band

I more than enjoy the Guitar Hero franchise, having got my PS2 out of the closet a year and a half ago after buying all the Guitar Hero games, including this last one on the 360 for the first time. Tomorrow marks the release of Rock Band, and Ars Technica takes a look at it and approves. I’m pretty excited to get it, even with the high price point, as a few of us have been known to get together and rock out to Guitar Hero.

No Halo3 Beta For Me

I bought a copy of Crackdown when it came out a few months ago, and was quite happy with the game. It was fun to play a GTA-style game on the side of the good guys for once. An added benefit of buying Crackdown was an exclusive invite to the Halo 3 beta, which went live this past Wed. Or was supposed to. Of course demand was higher than expected, and the download was delayed a few times throughout the day.

More X-Box Fun

Playing around with the hacked X-Box, I figured out how to edit the XML configuration file to have My Music & My Movies on the XBMC point directly to my Buffalo Terrastation that houses all my movies and music – no more network browsing to get there, nice and easy. Then I did something which I haven’t done in forever, which was hop on IRC. Got the link to download some emulators, and threw up MameOX and a Sega Genesis emulator.

Modding my X-box

I soft-modded my X-Box tonight and am currently listening to an album in MP3 located on a network share on an external hard drive in my den from the comfort of my living room as I type this. I used the Mech Assault hack to get the Evolution X dashboard installed, and then just FTP’d over the software for X-Box Media Center . Reading the instructions X-Box Scene seemed daunting. 30 steps, downloading this file and that file, modifying files, etc.

A Gamer's Manifesto

I couldn’t agree more: A Gamer’s Manifesto or 20 things Developers need to do now . Don’t use the online capability as an excuse to release broken games The first time we hear the word “patch” in relation to a PS3 or XBox 360 game, we’re taking the console back to the store. Filled with our shit. But surely the console industry, always more business savvy than their PC counterparts, will avoid making us gamers their unpaid beta testers.

Best X-Box 360 Preview Yet

HardOCP has the best X-Box 360 preview I’ve seen yet. While I’m not a fan of the color or the aesthetics, I am very intrigued by the new X-Box Live features, and the rumors of Media Center integration. HardOCP’s article also touches on the ability to plug in a portable MP3 player or digital camera and stream content right to your TV through your X-Box – pretty cool stuff.

When it rains, it pours

A week and half ago, I purchased Fable and NHL2k5 for my X-box . I’ve probably played 10-12 games of hockey, and having a blast doing it – even if on Pro I’m still winning too many, even if by only 1 goal. I haven’t played Fable as near as much as I’ve wanted due to two things: Was traveling It’s a M rated game – as I found out after I started playing it.

More Video Games

Purchased ESPN NHL2k5 and Fable yesterday. Tried to buy Fable Thurs. night, but they were already sold out. Fable is pretty cool. Some of the combat controls take some getting used to, especially spells, but the story is cool so far. NHL2k5 is suprisingly good. NFL2k5’s Crib feature blows NHL2k5 away, NHL2k5s is a dumbed down version. You still have challenges and can buy stuff, but from a room and item perspective, it’s not even close.