Since I was a kid, I’ve been a fan of Berke Breathed’s Bloom County. Over a dozen years ago while on vacation in San Francisco, I visited a number of used bookstores and completed my Bloom County book collection. I own every Bloom County book published, including the collections and the Library series. I even bought the Humble Bundle a year or two ago to re-purchase everything digitally so I can view it on my iPad.

So when Mr. Breathed brought Milo, Opus, Steve Dallas and the rest of the gang earlier this year as Bloom County 2015 I was through the moon. I took a picture of my stuffed Opus with a collection of my books and tweeted out my excitement.

A couple months after re-launching the comic strip, a store was launched to buy signed copies of the daily strips, merchandise and more. A daily strip costs $110 and a Sunday strip in color costs $150. It’s a steep price, but each strip is signed and Breathed also personally draws a pencil sketch of the character of your choice on the strip.

One of last week’s strips sealed the deal for me and I pulled the trigger and bought it today. Bloom County 2015 #76 features Cutter John trying to avoid the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer due to spoilers. Bloom County and a Star Wars reference together? These are two of my favorite things! Like Cutter John, I had successfully avoid Star Wars spoilers for the new movie… until the trailer came out and I read a scene by scene breakdown of the trailer with all the spoilers.

It will be a month before my personalized comic strip arrives. This will be a perfect addition to my new office in the new house.