Are you reading NextDraft? If not, you should be.

Are you reading NextDraft ?

If you’re not, you should be. Dave Pell curates the top 10 news items of the day, just for you, delivered straight to your inbox. Yup, it’s delivered via email, quite old school. Mr. Pell spends each morning for 3-4 hours browsing the web (no RSS reader for him!) and puts together the best stories to share and adds his own unique commentary to each of them. Some of the stories may have two or three different links each and give you a new perspective on what is going on in the world around you.

The MailChimp blog recently featured a story on NextDraft , discussing how Mr. Pell finds his sources links, reviews what he should include in each day’s edition, and shares that he hasn’t made a dollar from NextDraft.

That humanity comes through in the newsletter, in that the very same human who chooses and writes about that daily content also answers for it. “I do think one of the things about email that people respond to, and that makes it different from a blog, is that because it comes from my personal email address and lands in your inbox, there’s something a little more intimate about it,” he says. “If somebody wants to say something about my newsletter, they just hit ‘reply,’ it comes to me, and I’ll respond to them. It’s a little bit of a closer connection than just having a website.”

NextDraft features news from the serious, with stories shared about the recent election, coverage of the Newtown shootings, as well as pop culture, such as the video below, featuring a timeline of all the pop culture references in Quentin Tarantino’s films. The best part isn’t just getting the most interesting news from around the web, but also getting Dave Pell’s unique commentary on each story.

I highly recommend you subscribe to the email newsletter or download the new iOS app to get your daily dose of the best curated news on the web. And don’t forget to follow Dave Pell on Twitter , too.

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