CC BY-NC 2.0 by Dan_h

Rock the Garden, 89.3 The Current’s annual outdoor show in partnership with the Walker Arts Center, is just under two weeks form announcing which artists will be playing to a sold out crowd in Minneapolis. The Current will be announcing the lineup on April 19th.

The boys over at Reviler take a look at who they think may be playing at Rock The Garden. With such categories as “Best Guess”, “Awesome Long Shot” and “Most Terrifying Prospect”. It’s a good list that will make you crack a smile.

Over at the Star Tribune’s Vita.MN, they also take a look and share who won’t be there based on their current touring schedule. In some ways, this is a better list than Reviler, as some of the bands Reviler definitely doesn’t want to see (with the exception of one which I’ll let you the reader figure out) are already booked or touring.

Want to take your own guess? Vita.MN has a page up where you can choose the bands you think The Current will be adding to this years Rock the Garden. See you there!