LCD Soundsystem played its last show last night at Madison Square Garden. James Murphy made being a DJ cool again in the last 10 years and brought a rock sound and beats to his electronic music that made it sound both familiar and new at the same time. I remember the first time I heard Daft Punk is Playing in My House from their first self-titled album – a lyric to this day, that if I hear it, is stuck in my head for days at a time.

With LCD Soundsystem coming to an end, Thorin Klosowski at the Denver Post takes a look at what makes LCD Soundsystem so relevant.

Of course, the majority of rock kids in 2002 were still scared of electronic music. For all its bells and whistles, the things it embodied, ecstasy, dancing, beats — all of those things were dangerous. But that was what was so startling and ultimately rewarding about LCD Soundsystem. It wasn’t dance music, not like Crystal Method or Moby or even Daft Punk was; it was electronic music made by a guy who liked ’70s and ’80s rock. It was also being made by a guy in his thirties, for kids in their twenties, and that meant the dream of never really growing up was truly a reality.

The entire concert from the last show was posted online at Youtube, but seems to have been taken down now. With that, I’ll leave you with All My Friends from LCD Soundsystem’s last show.