(Licensed under a CC-BY 2.0 licensed by tanakawho)

Things have been relatively quiet since my last update about Snowy a couple of weeks ago. What’s been going on behind the scenes:

  • Sandy triaged and assigned milestones to lots of features requests in Snowy bugzilla.
  • Jeff hacked on Snowy to allow users to add a second OpenID provider to an existing account. Unfortunately it will have to be refactored as it works great for new users signing up but not for existing users as the form enforces that the users are unique. (Here’s a great area to help out with if you know Django and / or OpenID!)
  • We started working on a privacy policy.
  • Jeff implemented breadcrumbs for notebooks and the UI needs to be finished for this.
  • Jeff and Sandy did some troubleshooting about how debug works in Snowy.
  • The FAQ was updated about the alpha that starts today.

Just in case you were skimming, I’ll say that last part again:

The FAQ was updated about the alpha that starts today.

How do you get in the alpha? Well, the alpha is still invite only, but first you should read the FAQ and then you should fill out the form to let us know you’re interested. The form helps us by first, keeping a list of everyone who is interested, and secondly, understanding what features are important to our users. But please understand that by signing up for the alpha and the beta we are asking for your help – if and when you encounter a bug, let us know!

Did you know? Snowy is Tintin‘s pet dog.