Rolling Stone released their list of the 25 best record stores in the United States yesterday.

Minneapolis was well represented with Electric Fetus coming in as the sixth best record store in the U.S. and Hymie’s Vintage Records rounded out the list at twenty-five.

In July I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Electric Fetus, which is also where I spent Record Store Day 2009.  There is no question that Electric Fetus has one of, if not the best, selection in the Twin Cities, though Cheapo gives them a pretty strong run for selection.  I have to say I was disappointed in the service at Electric Fetus in July.  I asked two different clerks questions about the vinyl I was buying and both times they couldn’t answer my question (and they weren’t hard questions – it’s not like I was trying to play stump the clerk).

I’m embarrassed to admit I hadn’t heard of Hymies until now – I definitely know where my next round of shopping is going to be!