GNOME Marketing Hackfest

Three weeks from today members of the GNOME Marketing team will converge on Chicago for two days of work, brainstorming and fun.

With thanks to Google for hosting us and Novell for sponsoring us, we’ll set aside two days to work on:

  • GNOME Presentation materials. We want to make it easy for for volunteers to represent GNOME at conferences, including presentations, booth materials such as banners and brochures for the GNOME Event Box and more.
  • Writing and reviewing content for the new
  • GNOME 3.0 planning
  • …and more!

We have information up regarding the hackfest on the GNOME Wiki , including our hackfest goals, location information, attendees and more. (This page is a first draft, more details soon and thanks to everyone who has contributed to the page).

Want to come? Now is the time to sign up! The GNOME Travel Committee has been approving applications the last couple of days, and we have room for more. Plan on coming, but haven’t added your name to the wiki page? Please do!

We’ll also be having a GNOME Meetup Tuesday night, so if you’re in the Chicago area check back soon for location details. Chicago has a thriving FOSS community and I’m looking forward to visiting Chicago again.

See you there!

Paul Cutler
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