I’m glad this week is over.

The good:

  • My dad drove up and visited for a few days, spending a day at the PGA championship, which is in my suburb outside of Minneapolis.
  • My dad left, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came up to visit with my wife and the kids.

The bad:

  • Alex broke his arm within a couple weeks of buying his first skateboard.
  • The PGA Championship was in town. Lots of lost people driving around, and traffic was terrible in my little suburb.
  • With the in-laws in town Friday morning, I woke up early and went to the coffee shop to do some work. Renewed a domain there, and I’m guessing via the open wifi, my credit card was stolen. Apparently I need to learn more about SSL – the good news is Chase stopped it all. Who signs up for a $2000 sports camp (for their kids?) with a stolen card. Oh, and lots of iTunes purchases – software I never have (and probably never will) use.

With everything going on, I’m feeling behind with some of my work in GNOME. First up, working on the release notes for 2.28!