One lunch a month

Do you follow , or subscribe to it in your feedreader? is similar to Planet GNOME , but is for project’s news feeds, where Planet GNOME is for personal feeds.

Stormy posts to the Foundation blog that updates to, and she just recently started cross-posting her weekly updates to Planet GNOME as well.

Late yesterday, Stormy posted an update on the Friends of GNOME program. We are very close to our $20,000 goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated in 2009!

If you look at our three month trend:

  • April: 110 donors, $3,316 donations for an average of $30
  • May: 258 donors, $7,341 donations for an average of $28
  • June: 116 donors, $1,585 donations for an average of $14

In May and June, 100 of those donors were Friends of GNOME donors donating $10 month. This highlights why monthly donors are so important – one time donors come and go, and with the call for help that was put out, you can see the effect. But when that ends, it’s the monthly donors that help with consistent donations that give GNOME the ability to forecast incoming revenue that can be used to help the organization.

Stormy’s post contains more information on donations as well as some graphs showing monthly and yearly trends.

Can you help GNOME with $10 a month? For the cost of going out to lunch once a month, you can help one of your favorite free software projects (and get a cool t-shirt and stickers!) Join Friends of GNOME today!

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