The Linux Journal has recently published the 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards.

GNOME was voted, by readers, as the “Favorite Desktop Environment” garnering 53% of the votes, with KDE in second place at 30%.

From the article:

During the past year, GNOME has reached majority rule status, with 53% of you electing it your favorite desktop environment. This trend is despite the breakneck development of KDE 4 during the past year. Although GNOME garnered only a few more votes than it did in 2008, KDE’s vote count slipped as you’ve warmed to Xfce, Fluxbox and Enlightenment. The long and influential coattails of Ubuntu can only make any presidential candidate green with envy.

Flattering words indeed!

Contrast that to the 2004 Readers’ Choice Awards:

Favorite Desktop Environment

  1. KDE
  1. GNOME
  1. Window Maker

For several years now, KDE and GNOME have finished first and second, respectively, with an ever-increasing distance between the two. This year, KDE received two votes for every one GNOME received. Window Maker holds on to the number three spot, beating XFce by a single vote. No one said “they all suck” this year, and the only write-in voter who expressed frustration said he might try to write his own environment.

(Emphasis mine).

I think the GNOME community should be very proud of the progress made within GNOME, which is reflected in these vote totals.

(Thanks to Claus on the marketing list for pointing out the latest Readers’ Choice awards).