Get out and vote!

If you live in the U.S., today is the day. After almost 2 years of campaigning and listening to the candidates, it’s our turn as citizens to make our decisions and vote for our candidates.

I voted an hour ago – and the turnout was higher than 4 years ago, and I live in the state with the highest percentage of registered voters and those who vote. We had more voting booths than I’ve seen in 10 years of living here.

The best part? In Minnesota you can register to vote on election day, and vote. There were 6 people registering to vote, all, I would guess, under the age of 25. That’s what it’s about. For years the younger demographic has had the lowest turnout – I hope what I saw wasn’t just a fluke, and the young voters turn out today, and keep voting for the rest of their lives.

Please vote today. Every vote does make a difference.

Paul Cutler
Father. Husband. Vinyl Music Lover. Football fan. Python student. He / him.