I was traveling in Los Angeles when Kelly got a bit of a scare last week.

Jack was running around upstairs, ran into the bathroom, and he slid on the linoleum right into the shower door.

With a cut on his head bleeding profusely, I think Zoe was more scared than Jack was. (Zoe seems to have rolled a high D20 for empathy when she was born).

Kelly rushed them to the emergency room, where they numbed Jack and gave him 6 stitches. The ER nurses were amazed that after 12 years with 3 children, this was our first visit to the ER.

Jack’s doing well – since he can’t see the cut, it doesn’t bother him at all. Surprisingly, the nurses thought it won’t scar, and if it does, it will be very small and almost unnoticeable. He’ll get the stitches out later this week.

I miss all the fun when I’m off traveling for work.


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