Come help test some packages!

The Foresight Packaging Contest wrapped up last weekend, and the contest participants added almost 150 packages!

Now it’s time to test ’em! The packages live in the participant’s personal repositories, and we need to install them, make sure they work, have a menu entry, and then review which ones should be cloned to the Foresight repositories. We also will have some of the developers reviewing the recipes as well. Once we get this done, and we can start declaring some winners, and better yet, giving out some prizes!

We need help! Stop by on Freenode IRC in #foresight or #foresight-qa and look for me (pcutler) kenvandine, or pscott and lend a hand tomorrow, Wednesday, June 4th.

You might just find the next cool piece of software that you didn’t know was out there.

Paul Cutler
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